An active role in a people-oriented healthcare organization to become a team member of a professional environment where I can upgrade and sharpen all my medical skills , scientific skills and experience and leverage my managerial capabilities in the process involved within .

"15" years of professional medical experience with an exposure of more than 20 thousands of cases including very rare cases worldwide .

Strong presence in the international organizations .

Strong presence in the public domain including all kinds of published media .

Extensive knowledge of GCC country especially UAE , Saudi Arabia & Kuwait .

A member of multiple reputable international organization which ensure the knowledge of best practices in medical field in Sexology ,Infertility , Andrology , and Dermatology ( ISSM , EUA , AGSSM , PASS , ASD , ASA , ABS , SMRU ,SREI , SRS , SSIG ) .

Strong analytical skills with a proven track record of healthcare management and quality control .

Author of five books in the field of Sexology ,Infertility , Andrology , and Dermatology .

Dynamic, achievement-focused leader with an established performance record, dedicated and committed, willing to take on challenging roles, tough assignments and work to tight deadlines.

Certified (ABS) American Board of Sexology Diplomat – Maimonides University - Florida – USA 2002 .

Medical Doctoral Degree - Andrology ,Infertility & Sexology - Cairo University – Egypt 2002

Diploma of Health Care Total Quality Management (American University in Cairo )
(Highest Score )- 2001

Second part of the M.S (Master degree of dermatology & Andrology) - 1997-1998

M.S Theses (IL-8 in cases of leukocytospermia) for 130 cases at Alkasser Alani- 1994

First part of dermatology & Andrology M.S, Faculty of medicine –Alkasser Alani –
Cairo University 1993

MB.B.CH Faculty of medicine – Alkasser Alani – Cairo University. 1985 – 1991


Position -Consultant Andrology, Infertility & Sexology – Consultant Dermatology & Venereology
-Chief of Andrology , Infertility & Sexual Health Unit
Duration September 2005 to Present


Position -Specialist A Dermatology , Andrology, & Sexology
- Medical coordinator .
Duration June 2003 to august 2005

Organization ADAM INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL - Cairo - Egypt

“Internationally well known by researches in infertility and sexology”

Position - Specialist A Dermatolog &Andrology . - Assistant General Medical Coordinator - Androlap Clinician and Quality control
-Active member of the executive committee
Duration February 1998 to June 2003

“Internationally recognized hospital”

Position Dermatology & Andrology residence
Duration 1996 till 1997


Position Dermatology & Andrology residency full charge for Dermatology & Andrology Department.
Duration 1992 till 1996

Residence & Assistance of Prof.Dr.Kamal Zaki Shoear the president of Egyptian & Arabic society of Andrology in his hospital for Andrology & Infertility in Cairo for two year (15 days monthly from 1993-1995)

Medical experience:

- providing services to 20217 cases complain from male and female sexual dysfunction , male infertility and sexually transmitted diseases and dermatological diseases according to the latest up-to-date knowledge of diagnosis and management procedures in :
1- Sexual disorders .
2- Ejaculatory disorders . 
3- Peyronies disease .
4- Male infertility . 5-     sexually transmitted diseases.
6-    Premarital Checkup Services
7- Dermatological disorders .
- Sharing in establishment of the curriculum of sexual medicine education to medical student allover the world as I am appointed in the educational committee of ISSM .
- Pregnancy success rate of infertility cases with different causes of my served cases 65% .
- Progression in the semen parameters of the infertility male cases of my served cases 73% .
- Success rate in management of male sexual disorders of my served cases 91% .
- Success rate in management of female sexual disorders of my served cases 82% .
- Success rate in management of STD of my served cases 94%.
- Success rate in management of dermatological disease of my served cases 90%

Surgical Experience
Arranges and supervises Pre and Postoperative preparations, and assist in surgical operations / procedures of :  Microsurgical varicocelectomy , epididymovasostomy, vasovasostomy , testicular biopsy and surgical sperm retrieval that include testicular  sperm extraction ( TESE) , testicular sperm aspiration ( TESA), percutaneous epididiymal sperm aspiration (PESA ) ,and vassal sperm aspiration for patients with azoospermia who are candidates for assisted conception techniques ,also penile prosthesis implantation, Nesbit operation and penile augmentation .
Androlab experience
Ultrasound scanning of the scrotum ,penis ,and vascular imaging of the testis ,spermatic cord , and penile vasculature Dupplex penile arteries, Scrotal ultrasonography, T.R.U.S., SPACE, Biothseometry, D.I.R., R.T.S., Doppler, Cavomat, cavernosography, well trained upon this investigation, with scientific upgrading of the technical use, result & reporting the result of this investigation  .
Research Experience:
 In the following fields :
Sexual disorders  in male and females ( erectile dysfunction , desire disorders ,orgasmic disorders ,paraphilis ). Ejaculatory disorders (Premature ejaculation , Retrograde Ejaculation, Anejaculation ) , Peyronies disease ,Male infertility ,and STDs .

Management experience:
Supervision and coordination of many management aspects including but not limited to: Quality management , Information Management ,General lab process , Advertising & Marketing , designing training programs for medical staff ,Maintenance Manger ,Andorology specialists ,Urology clinicians ,Psychiatry specialist ,Internal medicine clinician ,Head nurses, Receptionist , and Training doctors, nurses, receptionist upon the system of Adam that qualified the center for ISO9002 .

· Membership of the American Society of Andrology (ASA) – USA
· Membership of the certified American Board of Sexology Society (ABS) – USA
· Membership of International Society for Sexual Medicine ( ISSM ) - USA .
· Membership of the PASA ,ESA – Cairo –Egypt
· Membership of the Society for Male Reproduction and Urology (SMRU) – USA
· Membership of the European Society of Sexology (ESS) – Milano – Italy
· Membership of Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (SREI) - USA
· Membership of Society of Reproductive Surgeons (SRS) - USA .
· Membership of Sexuality Special Interest Group ( SSIG) – USA .
· Membership of The American Society of Reproductive Medicine , Birmingham ,Alabama ,USA .
· Amer M., Soloiman ,E.,EL Sadek, al ., Othman K., Is complete spermiogenesis failure a good spermatid injection Lancet, 350,116
· Amer M ., Abd Elnasser T,EL Haggar S ,Mostafa T , Zohdy W., Othman K .
Testicular sperm extraction: impact of testicular histology on outcome , number of biopsies to performed and optimal time for repetition .
Hum Reprod.1999 Dec;14(12):3030-4.
PMID:10601092[Pub Med – indexed for MEDLINE ]
· Amer M., AteyahA,Hany R,Zohdt W , Othman K .
Prospective comparative study between microsurgical and conventional testicular sperm
extraction in non-obstructive azoospermia : follow-up by serial ultrasound examinations .
Hum Reprod.2000 Mar; 15 (3) :653-6
PMID:10686214[Pub Med – indexed for MEDLINE ]
· Birth Date: 20\7\1966
· Nationality: Egyptian
· Gender : Male
· Marital Status: Married + three children
· Residence : UAE – Abu Dhabi
· Mobile: +7910505634449

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